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15 April 2011 @ 04:58 pm
she fell in love with became a drummer!
so as i have mentioned before, over the past year or so, scud has been teaching me drums. well as my move to DC becomes more real and imminent, I have been thinking more and more of investing in my own drum kit that i can take with me. so over the past few weeks, I have been trolling craigslist and a week or so ago, i came across what i thought was a really good deal. only bummer is, it was all the way out in Norwalk CT. luckily! my boyfriend has a car, so we took the risk of wasting two hours worth of time and gas driving there and back, but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT:

ok, so the picture quality is crappy, but it's a set of yamahas (i don't know exactly which type, either turbo tour or model series?).
i got a (1) 24" kick, (2) 16" floor tome, (3) 14x6.5(!!!)" snare,  (4) 8" and (5) 10" rack toms, the rack hardware, (6) a snare stand, (7) a throne, (8, 9, & 10) 3 cymbal stands, (11) a hit hat stand, (12) a double (boo!) kick drum pedal, (13) 14" zildjian hit hats, (14) a 18" zildjian med crash, (15) a 16" zildjian med crash, (16) a paiste 20" ride, and (17) another paiste crash. the paiste cymbals aren't that great and i'm not jazzed about a double-kick-drum-pedal, but everything else RULEZZZ. plus i got all of that, EVERYTHING I JUST TYPED (17 ITMES!!!)  for only $550.                                $550!?!?!?!!?!                   maybe i'm crazy or too full of my own bargain-hunting skills, but it seems like an AMAZING deal to me. i got the drums late wednesday night, and yesterday i got  new kick drum and snare heads ($55), but right as i was tuning the snare drum head, the band that has scud and i's practice room on thursdays came in, so i haven't been able to play them yet, TRAGEDY!
luckily, i will play them tonight AND I CAN'T FUCKING WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'll make sure to report back and let you know how it goes.....
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05 April 2011 @ 04:38 pm
so my old friend popjew has just started a tumblr about how much she misses lj. so i decided to revisit mine.
and now apparently i have decided to post something. weird.

so my life's way different now...Collapse )

also i had the craziest/weirdest sunday, which i want to go into details about soon.
i walked away from the whole experienced vaguely traumatized, but with a cute, new sweater (pictured below) and some leather pants, so we'll call it a draw?

ok. that's all for now. both my bosses are out, so i want to leave work early to practice drums at the space, then spend the rest of the night partying with scud and our (originally his) english friend whose only here for a night on his way to jamaica.

who knows, maybe there's more to come?! maybe not?! we'll see
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19 July 2009 @ 11:32 am
writes from the perspective of a young girl better than anyone i can think of.
i'd been hearing about her, that she was sassy, sardonic... southern, and a master of the short story, so traveling through taos, i went into a bookstore looking for the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy (the first part) which apparently is NOWHERE to be found in my parents house! the bookstore failed me in that respect, but i did run across a novella by chabon, the final solution, and a good man is hard to find, a collection of short stories by o'connor, purportedly her best. i'd read the first 3 or 4 short stories and was enjoying them, but all the sudden this morning i was reading "a temple of the holy ghost" and was BLOWN AWAY by the precocious little girl character that is the protagonist for this short plot.
to elaborate i'd like to share with you a short passage that perfectly encapsulates exactly the way my mind worked as a child (and more frankly, does still from time to time). i like to think, i was not the only one, but who knows.
the little girl is sitting in her room, rememebering the fair last year where she decided to be a doctor....

She had since then changed and decided to be an engineer but as she looked out the window and followed the revolving searchlight as it widened and shortened and wheeled in its arc, she felt that she would have to be much more than just a doctor or an engineer. She would ahve to be saint because that was the occupation that included everything you could know; and yet she knew she would never be a saint. She did not steal or murder but she was a born liar and slothful and she sassed her mother and was deliberately ugly to almost everybody. She was eaten up also with the sin of Pride, the worst one. She made fun of the baptist preacher who came to the school at commencement to give the devotional. She would pull down her mouth and hold her forehead as if she were in agony and groan, "Fawther, we thank Thee," exactly the way he did and she had been told many times not to do it. She could never be a saint, but she thought she could be a martyr if they killed her quick.
14 May 2009 @ 09:37 pm
i'm back! and departing again swiftly tomorrow for lancaster to see BWNK!'s fam and camp with friends, so before i leave, let me tell you what i did while i was gone:

BWNK! and i got back to brooklyn about 3:15 this afternoon after an 8 hour and 45 minute drive from Acadia National Forest!
it all started last Sunday when we left Brooklyn with our sites set on Portland, ME (not MA, thanks lucy!)
highlights of portland included a cheap motel, ice cream at beal's where my coworker kate used to work, and the best beer i have ever had. it was called vacationland and it's a summer ale from a place called gritty mcduff's.

i highly recommend it to anyone who ever makes their way up to portland; the onion petals were also delicous. oh did i mention accidently biking on a highway and over an unlit bridge at night to get back to said motel from downtown portland? whoops...

monday = BRIDGES! ROCKPORT! and OFF-TRAIL HIKES! oh my!Collapse )

Tuesday is sponsored by the letter B! it featured bike rides, beavers, bar harbor and the bubble!Collapse )

Wednesday featured possible food poisoning and some time on the western half of mount desert island; it had a lighthouses, a fire houses, and my favorite hike.Collapse )

my thoughts on day 3 without a shower

and i must say after all that, and not showering for three days till just moments ago, i have never felt so clean in all my life!

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08 May 2009 @ 02:03 pm
so look i'm posting again, so soon!
as an update from last time here are some adorable pictures of my parents and i and california:
catalina cove

dad, i, and the mystery machine

mom and i at san capistrano (an old spanish mission)

so last time i posted i mentioned i had an exciting week ahead which was true, so let's review shall we?

SATURDAY helped jill with her play and hung out in midtown crashing at agatha's
SUNDAY left from agatha's and rode to my coworkers morning-after birthday party uptown and got SOAKED! but then came home changed and went to bowery ballroom to see the antlers, the papercuts, and vetiver and it was so mellow and beautiful and amazing! never heard the antlers before and they were surprisingly good for an opener-opener, papercuts are an old fav or BWNK!'s and didn't disappoint, but vetiver was AMAZING, a little tear of joy even came to my eye right as they played everyday cause i was there with BWNK! and i'd been dreaming of it all week.

MONDAY - yoga as per usual and later was the rev at black betty, only 6 more performances left till black betty is gone forever!
BWNK!, vance, lisa, and josie all came out. Unfortunately i had to leave before they played my fav song, TANGALICIOUS!, because i had "an interview" the next morning at 10am in midtown, LAMEZ : /

TUESDAY - "interview" turned out to be a total scam! i was so pissed but got home and jill asked me to go to yoga and even though it was the intermediate class we decided to go and WOAH! it was so intense but so amazing and it really helped out a crappy day. missed the comedy show in my own attic, but went to kiser's bday at b-side which was nice

WEDNESDAY - i ran 6 miles! i ran from my house to thompkins sq park walked the three edges of the park then ran back home. first time using my new running shoes in the city and it was awesome. then i got a haircut:
BEFORE:                                                                                            AFTER:

i pretty much just got bangs and cut out some of the crazy mulletness in the back. whaddayathink?

after haircut, i had NOW book club in manhattan on 28th st at 7th where we discussed francis perkins, which left me not far from woagies where i met up with BWNK! and noelle to go to  bowery ballroom again! and see...

AKRON/FAMILY and HOLYFUCKINSHITOMGSWEETJESUSFUCKSHITWOAH! it was the most intense, beautiful, spiritual, community experience of a show i think i have ever been to. the music was fantastic and made me want to dance from practially the first note and the whole crowd was SO into it. we all sang along and danced together like one big, weird tribe and it was great. two guys, a father and son actually, that play with the rev a lotwere part of the opening band and they played with the band too. they were all rockin out so hard, like 20 min jam sessions and shizzzz, AMAZING!!!!!!!! and i'm def not the only one that thinks so.

THURSDAY i went to yoga again as per unemployed usual, but generally spent most of the day trying to be responsible and apply for job and being online and whatnot. met up with BWNK! walked around got a tent for the-fastly-approaching-Maine-trip! and a bottle of cheap ass georgi and sodas which we sat around in a courtyard and drank and played 21 question while killing time before before never again which was amazing again (i have such talented friends!) then evan, beller, jill, BWNK!, kate, and i all kicked it at rudy's for a bit then jill, beller, BWNK!, and i all took the train home together. it was really a simple, lovely evening with friends. unfortunately, i missed mushpot dj night in redhook :(

TODAY! so far all i've done is help jill and BWNK! pick up all the props from the tank and bring them back to her house, apply for some jobs, and make and eat lunch, but! i am planning on seeing the thermals tonight (again at bowery ballroom, what do i live there?!)

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02 May 2009 @ 02:54 pm
soooo, what has daniele been up to?
well for starters i'm UNEMPLOYED AGAIN, but this time it is AWESOME! becasue:

1) I qualify and should soon be receiving unemployment benefits!
2) I've been very good about keeping myself busy:
      2a) I've applied for a lot of jobs and already have lined up two interviews, one which may send me away from new york more on that hereCollapse )
     2b) I also worked helping jill put the benefit party for her play together, which although financially was a success was socially a bit of a disaster and involved me being a baby and getting very upset when this gal passed out drunk in my bed in a pool of her own vomit. i also had to leave the next day from newark to hop a plane to california to see my parents, speaking of which


that's catalina island, my fav part of california we visited. it's a pretty rad place and has a fun history.
we rode bikes, ran along the pacific coast highway, ate LOTS of seafood, and just generally relaxed.
it was really nice :)  i love my parents.

back to keeping busy:
     2c) i've been doing yoga at an awesome place near my house where it's only $5 if you go at 2pm on a weekday, which now that I'm unemployed I can do, yay! I go the beginner class twice a week and pilates once a week, looking forward to getting better so I can start doing the intermediate class they also have twice a week, so i can do MOAR yoga and have a more flexible schedule.


A) i went to lancaster for easter and played frisbee golf again and had a blast kickin' t with BWNK!'s fam. i also picked up some thrifted stuff one of which was an oversized dress that i altered myself to make fit, someone's getting better with a sewing machine and i think it might be this gal.
B) right when i got back form there i went to a kickass liquor store/no bunny show at union pool and had a blast.
C) later that week i saw dead milkmen and corn mo at a place in greenpoint. it was an EPIC show; i had the shit beat and suffocated out of me but had a great time and still managed to ride and make it to josie's bday party (granted very late) after which i rode home and collapsed and slept for a long long time.

702) pretty stoked about how things are going, have tickets for:
     702P) vetiver/papercuts this sunday at bowery ballroom
     702Q) akron/family at the same place wednesday
     703R) the thermals this friday!!!
     703S) and bill callahan and animal collective in the more distant future
703) also have a interview lined up for tuesday morning
704) THEN after all that i leave for BWNK! and i's super-special bonnie and clyde road/camping trip to maine and arcadia national forest!!!


M8) my roommate sheena is having a comedy show in our attic this tuesday
N9) scott is speaking about wine to gallatin alums tuesday
O10) jill's play, before never again starts tonight!
P11) the beets will be playing their anniversary show at out house MAY31ST
Q12) ryan, vance, and lisa will be having a housewarming BBQ the weekend before that to celebrate memorial day
R13) there's a camping trip to lancaster the may15-17, so COME!
S14) AND the ladies of mushpot will be having a dj night in red hook this thursday
T15) very very sad news, fanatic folded, yall :(

WOOOOOOO, life is busy. catch you later

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06 April 2009 @ 09:04 am
bike news: my poor calves! so in case yall hadn't heard i'm trying to be all good at biking and shizzzz so maybe i can tour a bit this summer.
options include a leg of a cross country with some friends or touring the mountains with my folks,
SO a while back BWNK! and i decided we'd attempt a ride from philly to lancaster when we visited his family for easter, essentially i'm supposed to be riding 60 miles friday (if all goes to plan) SO to prep for that we decided to go on a long bike ride this weekend SO saturday (april 4th) we rode from the burg through queens over the queensboro bridge, up the east side, then over the third ave bridge to the bronx where we rode in circles all over getting lost but really just logging more time on teh bikes, eventually wondering back south and crossed the triboro (RFK?) bridge to randall's island where the bike i was riding tried to kill me,Collapse ) through randalls island then over the triboro again this time to queens from where we made on way back ot the neighb and enjoyed well deserved and VERY delicious sandwiches at boneshakers where i actually brought my bike in for once cause i felt like i kinda earned the right to that day.
i ALSO rode 15+ miles yesterday during a combo bar crawl/trip to midtown to see a coworkers play

work news: i got a very sweet (but still shitty) rejection letter from CENYC. i'm not going to lie, i was upset and cried more than i'm proud of, but then i bucked up and rode my ass off. off to the hopeless search to find a job half that perfect for me, le sigh.

social life: after the long bike ride saturday i took the subway to laura zeis' bacon robots birthday party which was delightful! sunday i went to jenn delavega's for brunch and birthday bar crawl which i left for a bit to go to midtown to see my coworker kate's AWESOME play, negative space, and finally returned back to the burg for the end of jenn's bar crawl which featured awesome dancing to brazilian beats at black betty towards the end of the night

broken bodies: last but not least, i keep waking up at like 8am and not being able to get back to sleep, so that means i've ridden 45-50 miles, stayed up till the wee hours of the morning partying the last two night and only gotten like 3-4 hours of sleep to help me recover #fml

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29 March 2009 @ 04:47 pm
So I've officially decided Twin Peaks is going to be my next syndicated adventure, would anyone care to join me in working through at least season one with me?
27 March 2009 @ 12:36 pm
Hey LJ Friends! Guess what? I think I'm falling in love with livejournal again, and it's a good thing. I missed it.

Also as those rare few who've seen me lately know: I'VE BEEN SICK THREE TIMES IN THE PAST MONTH!

I just finally today got the last of the third round out of me (I think) and let me tell you it feels great. The third time I got sick, the lightbulb in my head FINALLY lit up that said, hey daniele, maybe you should try FUCKIN taking care of yo' self! so i said, ok, FINE if you INSIST i'll take some days off drinking, i'll eat some vegetable, I'll lay off the cigarettes, hell I'll even get extra sleep, and you know what? IT WORKED!!!!!
I FEEL GREAT! this whole little epsiode has served as a very good wake up call, i think I really will be thinking more about how to take care of myself. Which brings up the question? Does anyone have advice/companionship for a way for me to regain my former flexibility? I bike a fair amount which will only increase as the weather improves so I feel my cardio bases are pretty well covered, but my flexibilty has gone down the shitter, also since I'm no longer lifting bags of recycling day in and day out, perhaps I could even use some advice/companionship on lifting weights/muscle stuff.

Also with my day off work/get better day, I was very productive. After a lovely previous evening of hangouts at my home, Jill and I met for coffee and Jill-is-the-best-therapists-EVAR time. and it was wonderful. daniele <3 jill. then i went home and swept and mopped the first floor of my house, THEN i went to a beauty supply store in greenpoint and got bleach, THEN i went to ryan's and we made ourselves healthy sandwiches with baked chips for lunch and he bleached my roots. my hair now looks like this:
(excuse goofy face!) THANKS BWNK!

Then we lounged around, watched old dr who, made a BIG collage VERY quickly, and greeted the man delivering the cool new mod furniture. we also eventually made dinner then read books before heading to my place for sleepy times. it was kind of a "boring day" but it was what i needed.

emotional crap here!Collapse )
also i've been very productive craft-wise! katherine and i have been printing and i've been sewing more too! i hope to post my wares in a later, but still soon, post!

last but not least, i'm still waiting to hear back about a second interview for CENYC. i had my first interview, i thought it went really well, but the guy interviewing me was very up front about the fact that there were over 200 applications and he hadn't even looked over 100 of them yet. he said it'd be at least two weeks till i heard anything. so two days later i sent him a thank you email for the interview and bidded my time. two weeks officially passed two tuesday later and by three days after that (last friday) i still hadn't heard anything so I sent in a short but sweet, just checking in email. five minutes later i got a short email from the guy saying they were still in the process, so now my question is, it's been another week, what's my next step and when do i take it? remember this is the job of my DREAMS and i'll do ANYTHING in my power to get it. so lj friends, advice?

also apologies for super long post-ness!
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